WFSO On-Line Terms and Conditions

  1. I agree to uphold the highest level of academic integrity when completing course work, assignments, quizzes and exams.
  2. I agree not to use outside sources to find information that may interfere with the content of this course.
  3. I agree not to download copy or distribute any of the course material presented in this class.
  4. I agree to submit true and accurate information as it pertains to any information necessary to validate credentials that may be issued by the World Food Safety Organisation (WFSO).
  5. I agree to submit to further inquiry and investigation if suspected of not abiding by this agreement.
  6. I agree that the information provided is deemed accurate and reliable by all reasonable efforts put forth by the WFSO .
  7. I agree not to garner assistance from individuals in the completion of course work.
  8. I agree not to use any information in a dishonest manner in the completion of any exams in this course.
  9. I agree that anyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the content owner as provided by the author, or who imports copies or phono records into the United States, is an infringer of the right of the author, as the case may be. Content shall be deemed to include the rights conferred by section 106A(a)of US Copyright Law. As used in this subsection, the term “anyone” includes any State, any instrumentality of a State, and any officer or employee of a State or instrumentality of a State acting in his or her official capacity. Any State, and any such instrumentality, officer, or employee, shall be subject to the provisions of this title in the same manner and to the same extent as any nongovernmental entity.
  10. I agree to abide by all lawful means and representation of the WFSO if granted the certification awarded as a result of successful completion of this course work.
  11. I understand that there are no refunds issued once a purchase is completed and that purchase does not guarantee certification award.
  12. I understand that I will have access to the purchased course material for one-year form the purchased date. At that time, I will lose access and have to repurchase.
  13. I agree that in the event that I do not pass the final assessment, I must purchase the entire course package again.
  14. I agree that this course is designed for information and education only and the WFSO do not create laws or regulations.
  15. I will contact my local authority for any laws or regulations that pertain to my operation.