Food Protection Leader Certification Exam – LRP


Live Remote Proctoring:

Live Remote Proctored (LRP) test administration allows candidates to complete their examinations from their own computers via an internet connection at a time and place of their choosing. Testing sessions are available 24/7/365, based on seating availability.

The candidate’s computer must have webcam capability as well as a microphone and speakers, and the environment should be quiet to avoid distractions and to ensure that the online proctor can hear everything at the candidate’s location.

There are technical requirements, such as an adequate internet connection, to ensure that the proctor can access the candidate’s computer and that the session can proceed without internet disruption. Candidates are informed of the computer specifications in advance of the testing session.

Please review the FPL Certification Handbook prior to testing.

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WFSO® and Scantron will confirm eligibility to sit for the examination(s) and will provide a username, password, and directions on how to schedule a testing session.