The WFSO®-FPM certification program meets the requirements for certifying a Person in Charge (as referenced in FDA Food Code 2017, Section2-102.20) as well as providing the validation of global best practices in food safety protection and leadership in an establishment.

A Person in Charge demonstrates their knowledge as a food protection manager by earning certification through an approved food protection manager certification program. An approved program conforms to the Conference for Food Protection standards, has been evaluated, and listed by a Conference for Food Protection-recognized accrediting agency. The FPM Certification is an ANAB-CFP Accredited Program, #9129.

The purpose of the WFSO®-FPM certification examination is to assess whether a candidate has the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for competent practice as an entry-level WFSO®-FPM (as defined by industry standards and in line with the mission of the WFSO®-FPM certification program).

A high-quality credentialing program must follow certain logically sound and legally defensible procedures. WFSO® partnered with Meazure Corporation (Meazure), an assessment solutions company, to ensure the WFSO-FPM examination adheres to standards outlined in federal regulation (Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures) and manuals such as Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (published by the American Educational Research Association, 1999).

The WFSO® – FPM Certification Exam is an English-only, proctored, closed book exam with 90 questions. 80 questions will be scored with an additional 10 pilot questions that are for research purposes only. Questions are multiple choice with four options for each question. There is only one correct answer presented in each question. The exam is only available via computer. Paper copies are not offered. The examination is timed to 2 hours.

The WFSO®-FPM certification exam is open to all candidates.

The WFSO® recommends:

  • Candidates have a form of food safety training
  • and/or food service industry experience prior to taking the examination.

Further, the WFSO specifically recommends the completion of the

provided by the WFSO®

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