Block Chain Food Safety Management

In the food industry, understanding of blockchain technology and how it can be applied to the food sector is still misunderstood. For example, blockchain is only one of several Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) which have the potential to enhance food safety and traceability on a global basis. This new and disruptive technology is set to revolutionise the way food safety compliance and standards work. It is currently being applied to supply chain traceability by major global retailers and manufacturers and is set to be a game changer.

WFSO is currently working with the Global Food Blockchain Initiative (GFBI) to develop technology agnostic standards for communicating DLT based food safety management information in an easy, transparent way that makes sense to industry and can be easily implemented and adopted.

As part of this important initiative we are working with our technology partner Primority and the 3iVerify solution to ensure that 3iVerify is DLT and blockchain ready for this new and exciting technology. We are also leading the GFBI DLT Blockchain Standards project called “Connecting the blocks”.
In this important initiative we are bringing together key industry experts from all parts of the food supply chain to develop guidelines and standards to ensure that food businesses of all sizes and geographical locations can take advantage of this new technology.

If you wish to get involved or simply learn more about DLT blockchain technology, please join the GFBI LinkedIn group at this link.